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Name: Tse-Yee Teh
Position: President

Name: Josh
Position: Vice President

Name: Clare Ellis
Position: Treasurer
Email: c.ellis@student.canberra.

Name: Mary McCartney
Position: Events Management

Name: Ben McCullough
Position: Secretary
Email: b.mccullough@student.

Name: Luke Blair
Position: Web Developer

About Us

This year we have decided create a database of filmmakers and mentors, members can use in producing the film. When signing up as a member you will ask if you wish to be included in these databases. There are 4 categories:

-Directors and Producers

The UCUFPS has made three short films in 2005; The Legacy of Bill Allen (which screened at Electric Shadows and entered the Canberra Short Film Festival), Trinkets (produced for the Newcastle Shootout and shortlisted on Short Seasons Film Festival) and The Opening.

All UCUFPS members are entitled to hire equipment from the ACT Filmmaker's Network, or alternatively, UCUFPS may provide assistance providing you read the following guidelines....

UCUFPS Film Production Policies and Guidelines.

Film Projects funded by UCUFPS will only get the green light if:

1. They are either a UCUFPS member or mentor.

This way UCUFPS can boost its funding plus remain loyal to its mission statement of "fostering" inexperienced students keen to learn film production skills.

2. Producers must submit a film project proposal to the committee for majority approval before the pre-production stage has been implemented.

3. UCUFPS committee must be involved as a direct collaborator in all film projects plus have access during any phase of its pre-production. Notice will be given in 48 hours time.

4. Producers must abide by UCUFPS committee decisions regarding any aspect of film pre-production, even if producers are physically not present at meeting.

5. Producers must present a pitch to a UCUFPS meeting. The pitch will give the producer an opportunity to sell their idea to committee for approval. It must include a script or script outline, a proposed budget or outline, a production outline and a storyboard.

6. At the meeting in which the film is pitched four committee will be needed vote on whether or not funding should be given. Should the project be rejected producers will given the opportunity to amend their pitch for another chance at approval. However, once the committee has made its ultimate decision producers must accept that the decision as final.

7. UCUFPS' name must appear in the film's credits.

8. Producers must retain copies of all original copyrighted work as UCUFPS will not be held responsible in the case of theft, loss or damage.