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The Film production society aims to enhance your fun at UC by giving you the opportunities to create and see intriguing audio-visual works, mingle with like-minded people and learn more about the world of television and film.

Our mission statement is to support UC students in developing their film production skills, to actively involve them in film making projects and to provide our members with the ultimate entertainment experience through regular movie screenings.




The UCU Film Production Society was founded in 1995. We have won the UCU Society of the Year twice and we hope to win again in 2005. We have offered regular screenings, produced short films and corporate videos.


The UCU Film Production Society have a proud history thanks to the hard work of previous members who dedicated their own time to the society’s development. Such developments include entering films in TropFest Film Festival, St Kilda Film Festival, Dendy Awards, Short Seasons, Fucus, and Lights! Canberra! Action! to name a few. The society have also invited celebrities and film industry professionals for workshops.